The experience acquired in various industrial fields has allowed us to develop and test different dressing solutions. We currently manufacture three different types of cutters, not only for our dressers, but for other Companies as well.

  1. One-piece cutter. It mills the sides of the electrode and slightly cleans the flat side. Made into just piece, in hard treated material.
  2. Cutting unit with one cutter. It mills the sides and the contact surface of the electrode. This is a very flexible solution, as it allows to dress different shapes. It consist of a cutter holder and an interchangeable hard metal cutter.
  3. Cutting unit with three cutters. It mills only the sides of the electrode. It consist of a cutter holder and three triangular Sandvick-type cutters in hard metal, easy to be found on the market.

The cutter may also work on just one side; this solution is used in case of a swivel-head electrode. Cutter operation is based on the use of : the electrodes closing force, to determine the cutting depth; the pneumatic or electric power for its rotation. The ideal dressing force is 100 kg even if it is possible to use dressing forces up to 350 kg.


The electrodes must be located on the same axis of the cutter. Forces, speeds, frequencies and dressing thicknesses change according to the electrode diameter and the type of dressing required. For example, on galvanized sheet metal, dressing is done every 300 spots, with a total thickness removed of 0,2 – 0,3 mm. Speeds ( transmitted through an appropriate reduction ratio ) vary greatly depending on whether energy is pneumatic or electric. The speed currently used is 250 rpm.

The cutter holder is fitted with a slot for guiding the electrode, and two discharges that allow to expel the chips. Particularly interesting from the environmental point of view is the model G30, fitted with a brush device that allows the introduction of the Gun but avoids scattering the chips in the dresser area.


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